What are the Membership Options?

Member – Any financial institution, whose admission is approved by the Board of Directors, at its discretion, may become a Virginia 1st member upon

Strategic Partner – Public sector agencies or private sector enterprises that are committed to improving the financial industry’s resiliency and the recovery of the Commonwealth’s economy in the aftermath of a disaster.

What is the Dues Structure?

Currently, member dues are $250 per year as established by the Board of Directors. Strategic Partners are not subject to dues.

Does Virginia 1st hold Meetings?

Regular meetings are held as scheduled by the Board of Directors.  Regular meetings address ongoing issues which impact the resiliency of the financial industry throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Opportunities exist for Special Meetings to address timely issues. All meetings are open to the entire membership.

Is Virginia 1st Affiliated with other Organizations? 

Virginia 1st is a member of the Regional Partnership Council (RPC) www.rpcfirst.org, which is a member of the Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council (FSSCC), which coordinates policy development and financial sector continuity planning in the U.S. Department of Treasury for the Department of Homeland Security.